Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Banner -- Feedback Welcome

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was working on two small projects for myself. I took my time and finished the one -- a new banner for my blog. The second one is going to be put on the back burner for the time being until I am inspired again. I'm just not feeling it anymore on that drawing.

Anyway, please feel free to let me know what you think of the banner. Both positive and negative comments are welcome.

One last thing, I will leave you with a quick doodle of a green apple I did while my boys were eating their breakfast.


Cate said...

I LOVE your banner! Great detail, a perfect fit for your site! Are you sure it's not a gecko?! HA!!

Also, nice apple. Looks delicious! And I don't even like apples!

Judy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new banner! how many times have you said that?
Actually.............I thought it was a gecko!
Your drawings are superb! Looking forward to more.

Lou said...

Cate: Yes, positive it is not a gecko! ;) It's actually a Race Runner -- a very fast mother effer.

Mom: Thanks. Too many times to count. Ever since that damn GEICO lizard came into the scene, it has been worse.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Lee said...

LOL, I feel your pain..great day I'll get around to it myself....

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Great banner. Thanks for clearing up its true identity.

Lou said...

Lee: Just got back from your site and I can see how you could be in the same boat as me. I still need to check out your Flickr account. Do you have more tattoos or just the Lily and the lizard? I guess I'll find out later.

The biggest issue with mine is that it was supposed to have claws and not suction cups. Race runners use their claws to get to the 18 mph speed, which is light speed for their little 4 inch bodies (12 inches with their tail).

BTW, thanks for the link to my site!

Tony: Yeah, now the secret is out. Nothing is sacred on the Internet. ;) Thanks for the compliment.

verniciousknids said...

Your new banner is brilliant!! And I wish I could get green apples here in Japan (they are so much yummier than the red ones).

I love getting my daily art fix from you Lou :)

the painted pear said...

Hee hee, I don't know how someone can't like apples, she must be some kind of freak!

I love the apple, looks juicy and fresh, but I would like to see more "colors" in it....yellows, blues...I am just being bitchy...ask cate about this!

Love the banner, love it. You have probably been asked that question a gazillion times. However, I know it is not a gecko, it is a race runner. Everybody else is just naive. (or uniformed!!!) You did a really good job on the perspective, and the figures are excellent as well!

Andrea said...

I really like your banner! It's the details that seal the deal for me, your shadow and the help wanted sign with tape! Those are details I would forget to add in a drawing like this! Bravo!

Also, the color on your apple is simply delicious!

andea said...

...I thought it was a salamander (how the hell do you spell that?)...

Maybe you should tattoo its name next to it. Of course then you'll have people bending down trying to read it, which may not be good or look appropriate really. Never mind.

Hmmmm, what else. Oh love the new banner, love the apple and Pear is just jealous becasue most people (well except Cate The Great) like to eat apples wayyyyyy more than they like pears. ;)


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Your banner shows the numb frustration of the same question being asked again and again and again and again and again and again... it actually looks more like a Race Runner. ;0)

Lou said...

Vern: Thanks for the compliment. I love all apples, but I do agree the green ones are very sweet and juicy. I'm glad you like my work and keep coming back.

Pear: Nah, she's not a freak. My oldest doesn't like apples either. Just different tastes.

Maybe my next one will have graffiti on it like a NYC subway train. Make sure it has lots of "colors" in it. No worries about being bitchy. Everybody can get that way once in a while. It's a part of life.

Thanks for the compliment about the banner. Just thought it had to be done in order to explain the title of my blog. And because I have heard the question a gazillion times.

Big A: Thanks. I like details. Sometimes I get too detailed about things. Even as I look at it now, I can still see improvements that I want to make to it. Add something her and another thing there.

Andrea: Well, they are all lizards, right. At least you thought it was in the same general family. ;)

Yeah. Not sure I want people stopping me to read my calf all day. Might get annoying or just weird.

Thanks for the compliment.

Princess: I'm glad to hear that it came across correctly. Glad you think it looks correct.

Thanks to all of you for leaving your kind comments and for taking the time to visit my site.

HARDWAX said...

Your green apple looks life like enough to bite into, the rock is a real nice sketch as well.

The new banner is so good-the perspective I love, and LOL funny!

Lou said...

Hardwax: That apple does look good, doesn't it. Green apples are my fav. The rock was fun to do, as well. I love to play around with shading.

Glad you like the banner and look for a new background coming soon. :)