Monday, April 03, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 4-3-2006

So, have you ever had one of those Mondays where it was slow at work? Not only was it slow, but you were unmotivated to start anything new. Well, I had one of those days today, Since I have been bringing my sketch pad to work with me, I doodled a couple of things. This is what I created:

This is my USB Flash drive. It was actually a take-away gift from a vendor seminar I went to a couple of months ago. You have to love it when they give the good things out. I also got a travel mug that is obnoxiously thin and tall.
This second doodle started out as the top of the building outside of my office window. I did this while I was on a training call -- a two hour training call. Since I was not particularly motivated to do work things today, this quickly became a random doodle. I must stress that the building across the street DOES NOT have castle windows, although it would be pretty cool if it did. Posted by Picasa


verniciousknids said...

Nice doodles...were you having a Rapunzel moment today?!

Andrea said...

Agreed, it would be cool. Why can't architecture be more random and fun? Also, I love it when I can get in some doodle time at work!! ;)

Lou said...

Vern: You would think that I am with those windows. :) I think still in a mystical mindset after my Spring drawing.

Big A: Although I love architecture in general, I agree that it would so cool to put some randomization into it such as a medieval castle window on a modern stone and glass building. And yes, doodling at work rules.

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HARDWAX said...

I really like both doodles, but the house across the street, so sharp, the detail, your doodles are worthy art peices!

melanie komisarski said...

You sure are good at drawing computer equipment! very cool architectural drawing too!

Lou said...

Hardwax: If you would actually see the office building that this is taken from, you would see the contrast between them. The building is modern concrete and glass and is the tops 4 stories of it. Thanks for the compliments.

Melanie: Thanks. When you have as much of it lying around like I do, you get a lot of practice.

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