Sunday, April 23, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 4-23-2006

I was playing around with my colored pencils and wanted to try different things. The three leaves on this Poison Ivy drawing are all done in different ways.

1.) The top leaf was done with the lights being applied first and the darks added on top.

2.) The right leaf was done with the darks being applied first, then the mediums and finally the lights added on top.

3.) The bottom most leaf was done with the darks first and gradually getting to the lightest color. The final touch on this one, however, is that I used the Prismacolor blending pencil (#1077) over the entire leaf.

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Cate said...

This is so realistic looking to me! I see your growth every time you post new work! Definitely one of my favorites! Rich and gorgeous!

verniciousknids said...

I love these colours - they are so vivid. It makes me excited that Spring is finally here!

Andrea said...

I like the top right leaf best. Thanks for sharing your experimentation with us!

Judy said...

I find it amazing the different looks you can get just by shading or application techniques!
Really, I like them all...........partial to the bottom leaf.
Very realistic, makes me itch just looking at them!!!!

Lou said...

Cate: I'm glad it's not real. I would be broken out in a rash already! :)

Vern: Thanks. These are very Spring colors. The new bright green is always the frshest early in the season.

Big A: Glad you like seeing it. I'm split between the two bottom ones, but I think I agree that it does look a little better.

Mom: Yes, it is amazing. I like to try different things just to see how they turn out.

Thanks again to all of you for commenting.

andea said...

Heehee, i was worried for a minute that it was another kind of "plant"...ones you could grow in a "pot". Whew, thank goodness its just poison Ivy!

I really like the different techniques you used. All are gorgeous and look very realistic.
Excellent job!

melanie komisarski said...

great experiment... I think I like the third leaf you did, I like the shading on that one. I was out walking with the girls a few days ago behind our house gathering treasures to make a nature bracelet and I was trying to remember what poison ivy looked like so we didn't pick any! I have made a mental note of your illustration for future reference!