Sunday, April 02, 2006

Illustration Friday -- Spring (In Color)

Since I did not want to color over my original pencil sketch, I spent some time trying to figure out the best way to do an inked and colored version of my previous post. Finally I took a piece of printer paper and was able to trace the outlines onto it. After, I inked it using my .05 black Micron pen and colored it with a combination of Crayola colored pencils and Stampin' Up Watercolor pencils.

Here is the final product. I feel that it turned out exactly as I wanted. Posted by Picasa


Suzan said...

Great illo! I like the b&w as well as the color. The little detail of the bird and tulip are wonderful.

Michael O'Connell said...

great job… it seems you were bitten by the same elf…er, bug!

HARDWAX said...

You know your father time and mother nature, should get together permanently, they are very cute together. The colors are perfect for spring and I think you have a unique illo here.

Paula said...

The pencil sketch is very beautiful, but the colored ink version adds that spring(y) touch of colors and makes it perfect.

Cate said...

I prefer the color, too. And I agree with Suzan--you've got wonderful little details here!

Shano said...

I want to give the little green gal a hug. She looks very loveable!

Lou said...

Suzan: Thanks for the compliment. The tulip was actually an afterthought and added as another touch of spring. Glad you liked it.

Michael: I think you're right. But remember, now that it is Spring, get some Benadryl or Cort-aid. A little ointment and the bite disappears. :)

Hardwax: WOW! Imagine what their kids would be like. Too funny. Thanks for the compliment.

Paula: I'm glad you liked the colored version. I was so very close to not doing it. I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

Cate: Glad to hear the color one is the preferred one. Thanks for stopping by!

Shano: Remember that looks can be deceiving. Mother Nature has a bad side to her.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and leaving your comments.

verniciousknids said...

They really pop now...but I do love the B&W version too.

the painted pear said...

Hey I like the color one better too, but I suppose it just looks more finished.
Love the little monsters too!(Moffets) There legs are soooo cool, very defined and yet a little comical.

I follow an old school technique of using tracing paper, then scribbling graphite on the back, then retracing the image onto the final paper of choice. It is refreshing to hear you did the same thing.
I am not mocking computer generated art, but sometimes I feel a little old fashioned.

BTW, I know who you are....yup, and I am very flattered you commented. And have been a little nervous to reply. You treat her hear!

Lou said...

Vern: Glad you like both versions. I liked the B&W as well, but in the end felt I just had to color it to see what was hiding in there. That was I found a way to copy it and why I could not ink over it.

Ms. Pear: I was wondering how you figured it out. Wondered if you read all my old posts and came across the one or two where I link back to her site. Finally, I just asked Cathie if she told on me and she said she did.

I have admired your work since Cathie introduced me to your site quite some time ago. Just fantastic.

BTW, I'm just about to enter into the computer generated art world since I ordered my first graphics tablet. It should be here by next week. Although, I think old school is still the best way. I just want to see what options I can do with my computer.

And don't worry. I will treat her good. Couldn't live without her. She's my biggest supporter, you know. Glad you got over your nerves and commented. I feel honored now.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

such a sweet looking couple, the green on Mother Nature's dress is the same color of a brand new shoot of greass... so vibrant!!!

steve said...

The colors really improve this drawing and definitely convey a sense of Spring.

Twisselman said...

Great colors (and I appreciated being let in on the whole process) and wonderfully personable characters.

Yes, Scrat is my favorite 'Ice Age' character, also (your question above this). I'd love to see just 90 minutes of several Scrat/nut vignettes. Forget trying to come up with the other story. Glad the 2nd movie did so well at the box office this weekend. But, I, like you, will be waiting for the DVD release.

Lee said...

this is so cool lou! very spring-y magic folk...I really like your stuff, nice lines!

Trevor Pitt said...

Cool! You colored this evil pair! (Yes, they're both still evil) Now I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for a green hue colored couple looking to reak havoc on my sinuses and my sleep pattern!

Great illo!

Lou said...

Princess: Yes, it does have that new grass color. Glad you liked it.

Steve: Definately has more of a Spring feeling to it now.

Twisselman: Thanks for the compliment. I'm happy with the colors and how it turned out. My wife and I lughed at your vignette comment because we would also love to see that film if it was ever made. He's quite the determined little rodent.

Lee: Thanks for the compliment. I also enjoy your work (as well as your blog. Makes me laugh everyday. You have a great sense of humor.)

Trevor: HEHEHEHE!!! Hopefully now you can see them and they won't be able to hide in the shadows as easily. ;)

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and leaving your comments!

Jaimie said...

Great job on the color addition. I love the original sketch too. If I want to do a different version of something, I trace onto tracing paper, then put the traced drawing over a piece of transfer paper, which is on my drawing surface. It works pretty well.

eriesargonaut said...

I love both of them, too. I colors really pop. Really nice!

Amy Zaleski said...

This is a lot of fun!! And original, I'm pretty certain I didn't see anyone else do this last week. I agree with Hardwax....these two make a great couple. And thanks for visiting my blog!

Lou said...

Jaimie: Thanks for the compliment and suggestion. That's a great one. Didn't think of that.

Linda: Thanks. Glad you liked the color version!

Amy: I must agree. I don't remember seeing these characters anywhere either. Glad I had an original piece. And, yes, they do make a cute couple. No prob about the visit. I enjoyed your work!

Thanks to all for commenting!