Sunday, April 16, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 4-16-2006

I usually only post a single drawing (okay maybe sometimes I do two), but today I thought that I would post an entire page out of my sketch book. While we were all sitting in the backyard, I started out by drawing my youngest son while he was sweeping. The rest of the page includes a portion of my wife's ring (the real one has three of those flower-type arrangements), her new bracelet that she just got for her birthday, a sunset, a bottlecap, and a not-so-nice dinosaur

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verniciousknids said...

Nice combination of objects...but I must say that the round eyeballs make dino look very friendly!

Happy Easter!

Judy said...

Love all the little things you noticed while you were outside....hope the dinosaur was only imaginiation (or a toy).
As usual, you captured detail that most people would not notice!
Love your drawings!!!!!

steve said...

Nice doodle. As a kid I had always hoped a donosuar would one day pop out of the woods in our back yard.

andea said...

Great details on these!!! Very cool.