Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flashback: 1990 Art Project

I haven't done a Flashback in a while and I don't have a doodle for today, so I will post this.

I remember my art teacher, James Sabol, as being pretty laid back. One class, he said to find an object anywhere in the classroom and draw it. I went into the back supply room and there was an old skull in a box. Since I was going through my alternative mod stage (which was especially controversial since I was at a Catholic School), this fit the profile.

Here is the outcome. Pretty poor quality and scan job since it has not been preserved by any means for the last 15+ years, but here is none the less. Posted by Picasa


andea said...

What are you talking about "poor quality", I think its fantastic! What a little rebel you were, drawing skulls in class while your peers were probably drawing pictures of chalk. You sound like my husband before I domesticated him. ;)
P.S Heehee, thanks for the linkage dude.

the painted pear said...

I think it is wonderful, and you have to remember the age at which you did it!

I also think it is awesome your teacher has a web site! Pretty talented teacher too!

I don't think I would dare to do any flashbacks! It might frighten my few fans, and bring back memories that I hate!

Lee said...

I like it lou...that's great you have stuff you did that far back...looks like he got popped in the mouth ;)

The Unknown said...

Ah yes. You have captured the lost years of my life perfectly. I remember counting the hours I spent in that damn supply room.
Great illo.