Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Limited Time Only -- Gotta Check This Out

I've decided not to do a Doodle of the Day today. Instead, I would like it if you could take the time to visit another artists work. My wife, Cathie, had a story published on Friday. The story is called "Take My Kids and My Ravioli, Too" and can be found at Thieves Jargon.

Also, please take time to read her other works which are linked from her blog, The Bean Counter.



Cate said...


P.S. Would you like a job in PR? I can only pay you in kisses, though!

the painted pear said...

I can't believe I haven't read that yet...just finished.

She is so good, and gritty and not even "really" knowing her, I just wonder so where she gets this stuff. This is sad, and yet painstakingly TRUE, isn't it.

You are good to her, but it goes both ways. It is nice to see two people supporting eachother! A true marriage, like oil and vinegar on my salad tonight! ha

Oh I checked out steve, the turtle site...and his dinosaurs are terrific, but I like your use of sharpies and micro pen. More Lou, more. And thanks for your support about spaghetti man...I actually was just drawing him eating, not shocked about his spillage. I have been trying to work on my "people", cause "people" drawing doesn't come easily for me, and what better feedback than IF! Give Cathie, Cate, anti-apple eater a hug!

andea said...

I love your wife. Can I have her? Ok, that sounded bad, nevermind. Can I just say how glad I am that I know her and what an amazingly talented woman she is. And how she has changed my life with her writing. Oh and that she has more talent in her pinky than all of the rest of us put together???? See, I love her.
Smooches Cate, congrats! i am so happy for you. Well deserved.


verniciousknids said...

What an artistic family you are...I enjoyed the story :)

The Proofreader's Friend said...

Who are you people......and are you for real??????
Awwww...I'm only joking...you are both the best!!!!!

Lou said...

Cate: I try. Not sure if you have enough kisses. I'm pretty enxpensive. ;)

Pear: Yes, she is very good. I enjoy reading all of her stories. I just love how they can usually relate to all people. Male, female, old, young.

Yes, we do support each other. I think that is what helps us get through life. We really compliment each other in so many ways.

Thanks also for visiting Steve's site. He does really good work.

I also have trouble with drawing people, or should I say "real" people. I think I can do cartoonish people all day long, but when it comes to real people and accurate perspective, I bite. I'm practicing, though.

Andrea: WOW! That would be interesting to watch -- err, I mean draw -- err, never mind. ;) Thanks for visiting and reading her stuff. She has changed a lot of peoples lives. She is a good woman. I love her, too.

Vern: Thanks for reading her story. It means a lot ot me to have the people who visit my site regularly take time to visit other's sites that I recommend, especially my wife's. Glad to hear that you liked it.

Friend: Glad your back. It's been a while since you've commented. Hope you are doing well!

Thanks to all of you for stopping at my site, clicking over to Cathie's story and then coming back to comment. It is greatly appreciated.