Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 4-11-2006 (aka Where the hell is Grimace?)

While I was driving into work today, a minivan passed me with a Grimace character suction cupped to the window. It dawned on me that they no longer use him or any other "old school" characters in their commercials. Where did they go?

Was Grimace merely a zygote who developed into another more popular purple monster? Did Hamburgler finally get locked up? Was he framed? And what about the Fry Guys? Are they now known as Moffets? Oh, and that chicken thing. Not sure what her name was but did she transfer to Purdue? For those who may be too young to know these characters, they were once Ronald's friends in McDonald's commercials. Now long gone.

It saddens me that my children will not know the characters I learned to love (and fear) during my Saturday morning cartoons? Which "old school" characters do you miss? Posted by Picasa


the painted pear said...

That image of Grimace, brought back such wonderful memories of yellow mustard and pickles. We didn't get to go to Mcie D's too often, it was always a treat.
So I am with you on the loss of these great icons of yesteryear!

Captain Caveman....what ever happened to that one. I have my very own Captain Caveman, he takes care of us, but good god he whirls in like a tornado, and little cavemenites that follow.

verniciousknids said...

RIP Mayor McCheese...

I loved PacMan...the game (on Atari) and the cartoon. I also adored Mrs PacMan :)

andea said...

I think they renamed him..."Barney".

Wanna know what a horrible parent I am? I have the McDonald VHS tapes they sold years and years ago. My kids love them. Its all of the old characters you mentioned in cute little story lines.

Oh ya, how bad do you wish you and Cate lived by me now huh!

Lou said...

Pear: Glad it brought back some good memories for you. Would have hated to hear that you were going to have nightmares because of my drawing. ;)

Captain Caveman ruled, too. He had everything in his fur. You would think grooming would be a bitch, eh? Maybe the three Teen Angels (I think that was their bands name) helped out with that.

Vern: Forgot all about the Mayor. Yes, another loss for all kids of yesteryear. PacMan was cool. Ms. Pacman was always my wife's preference. I was always partial to Cenitpede. I guess I liked the roller ball instead of the joystick.

Andrea: That was exactly what I was thinking... Barney!

Horrible! No way! You want another kid! Can you adopt me? I want to see that video. Heck, you really think I bought School House Rock for my kids? It's all about me, baby! j/k

Anyway, I'm just jealous. And yes, it would be great if you lived closer.

LDahl said...

When I was a kid there was these Hamms beer commercials that had cartoons ... yes cartoons!?! I loved the Bear and his friends...... They were building brand loyalty starting at an early age! Anyway I think the Hamms Bear is now doing Charman TP commercials:)))