Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hanging Towel

I was watching my younger son this morning while my older son helped my wife cook breakfast. My plan was to just do some doodles in my sketch pad. However, I saw this towel over the railing and thought that I would draw it because the texture and shadows were really cool.

Sorry about the picture quality. It was too large to scan. I had to take a digital photo of it.
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Judy said...

You are such an awesome artist! The detail of the towel is excellent! In fact, all your previous work is superb!
Thank you for getting out the drawing pencils again, and sharing your talent with us!
Can't wait for your next one!

Lou said...

Mom (at least I think it is you),

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It feels good to be drawing again.

Hopefully, I will have something new to post soon.

HARDWAX said...

Marvelous sketch,very realistic

Lou said...

Thanks, Hardwax. I'm trying to work on my shadowing effects.

I'm glad the result was positive and you liked it.

steve said...

Great work there Lou. I love it when artists can make the mundane look really interesting!

Lou said...

Thanks, Steve. I'm glad I was able to make a towel interesting. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for that compliment.

verniciousknids said...

Like Steve said it's excellent that you took a humble daily object - which most people don't even notice - and turned it into art.

Lou said...


Thanks again for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.