Saturday, March 18, 2006

Feet -- Second Try

Since I was not entirely happy with my first entry, I thought I would do another one. Not sure what to call these guys or even where they are from. I do think however that they may evolve and get incorporated into more of my work. I sort of like them. Posted by Picasa


Marie-Dom said...

What a fun picture. I like your work.

FlipFlopGirl said...

Very fun! They kind of remind me of knobby-knee fry guys likethey used to have on old McDonalds commercials, or soemthing from Fraggle rock. Great illo. :-)

The Proofreader's friend said...

Love your cartoon guys. They are really good!

Lou said...


I had fun drawing them. I think cartoons are more my thing.


Thanks for stopping by! Yes, yes! The fry guys were so cool. I did not even think of that until you just said that.


Thanks for the compliment. Always enjoy it when you stop by.

georg said...

How about calling them "feedles"? or "footies"?

carla said...

I like these little guys! They look like warm and fuzzy and ready to bounce. I think they need a story...who are they? Why are they there? Tell us!

Cate said...

I like them, too--they seem like optimistic, joyful little fellows. Like the skyline in the back, too!

Lou said...


Those are great names. I'm gonna have to think of a really good name since they are staying.


They do look like bouncy little guys. I'll have to think about what their story will be. I guess you'll have to wait and come back often.


Thanks. They certainly are happy guys. The background was inspired by the old graphic novels and sci-fi comics I used to read as a kid. Sort of represents another planet.

Thanks to all of you for coming by!

HARDWAX said...

They look real happy, maybe it's those square feet, very cute.

Ian T. said...

They look like good all-purpose characters - nice design! The blue one's right foot looks a little swollen compared the left, but I don't know much about the anatomy of these particular creatures :).

Lou said...


Not sure why yet, but they are happy. Need to think of a good reason why they are just so happy.


That foot does look a slight bit larger or maybe he could be called "Little Foot" since that other foot could be considered smaller. Haven't quite decided what to do with these guys next. Thanks for the compliment.

CarolineJarvis said...

These guys are funny!
hehe! Good job

Lou said...


Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by!