Sunday, March 19, 2006

Art of a Different Kind

I recently got a package in the mail from my mother-in-law. It consisted of some watercolor paints and Crayola watercolor paint art tablets as well as a pair of knit socks. The socks were for me. She had knit me these socks. I was quite aware that these were coming, so it was not a complete surprise. The surprise was in how awesome they looked and fit my feet. These beauties are perfect in everyway.

Ironically, this also fits this week's Illustration Friday's theme of "feet." So here are some pictures of my new arrivals.

Socks off...

Socks on...

I hope there are more to follow. Thanks for the cool socks, Mags! Posted by Picasa


Shano said...

You must wear those with sandals. And mow the lawn.

Cute socks! :)

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

those are some sexy socks...oh la la.. you are a lucky chap

Lou said...


Not sure about the mowing the lawn part, but I sure will wear them with sandals! They need to be shown off.


I sure am lucky. Not only are they sexy, but warm. My feet are nice and toasty tonight.

Thanks to both of you for coming by!

eriesargonaut said...

Real men love real socks, and those are some spectacular socks, made the old fashioned way (and I suspect with lots of love). It's wonderful!

Ian T. said...

These are socks with real character - almost wannabe hand-puppets!

Lou said...


Yes, they were made the old fashioned way and with lots of love. They really are geet asocks and I love them!


They certainly are characters because they sure love being center stage! They are my foot puppets.

Thanks to both of you for stopping by.