Thursday, March 16, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 3-16-2006

My two sons and I were all sitting around the kitchen table drawing and doodling. While my oldest son drew an elaborate scene with red, green and brown, my younger son sat and focused on drawing geometric shapes and spirals and then later, when boredom set in, simple scribbles on the paper.

I, on the other hand, was just trying to fill up my sketch book. Trying new things. Trying old things. Here is today's work.

I wanted to draw an eye and add color. Unfortunately, I don't think it turned out that great. I need to practice with the realism of the iris. I think I did the color of the iris too dark and too solid. Maybe next time, I will use a real photograph to work off and not rely on my memory.

This guy is a character I just drew. Sometimes I still like to draw cartoons. Maybe keep up so I am "in practice" when I convince my wife to write the children's book and I illustrate it. (hint hint, Cathie) :) Posted by Picasa


melanie said...

wow, I think that is a really great eye -- that blue is so vivid and eye-cathing! and the basketball bunny is fantastic, you would make an excellent illustrator for a children's book!

Useless Man said...

A children's book is so ambitious! I would be happy writing a bathroom memoir...

Thanks for sharing.

Lou said...


Thanks for the compliments. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed my work.

Useless man,

Although it may be ambitious, my wife is that good that I do not think it would be too far reaching. After visiting your site, I would be very intrigued to read that memoir if you ever did one.

Thanks again to both for stopping by!

Judy said...

Lou, Your artwork is fantastic! I think you and Cathie collaborating on a children's book is a wonderful plan! You two would make a great team!
You have a true talent as an artist! (Always did....I remember what those paper bag book covers looked like by the end of the school year!)

Lou said...


Glad you like it. Brown bag book covers were the best! Thanks for stopping by!