Sunday, January 14, 2007

I wish I took this picture :(

I wish I took this picture :(
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Instead, this was a picture that I downloaded from my five year olds camera.

He took his camera in the car while he and I ran errands. I hear him snapping pictures, but I never knew he was taking pictures like this from the back seat. There are actually a dozen or so more just as good.

I'm thinking of playing around with it and cropping and changing it to sepia or something like that. I want to keep the angled look of it though.


Cate said...

I am soooo enjoying the direction of your blog--just loving the photography, your commentaries about the subjects of the photos.

It is a pleasure to visit you each day! xo

verniciousknids said...'re back! I'll be back to catch up later...go with sepia; it makes photos look magnificent.

andrea said...

Love it! So father like mother.