Monday, January 22, 2007

First Snowman of Winter

First snowman of winter
Originally uploaded by louhamilton23.

This is about as much snow as we got. The boys enjoyed making a snowman today.

It consists of hair made out a pine tree limb, arms made from twigs, nose and mouth made from carrots, and eyes, mustache and beard made from Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp cereal.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA HA, omg this just made me CRACK UP...I don't know why...ok I do, I can see my kids making something as crazy as this. One year my kids used skittles and when they started to melt the colors looked as if someone had shot the snowmen and they were bleeding.

So cute this cereal snowman!

Lou said...

Thanks, A.

Shortly after this, he has a tragic fall to the ground. He was not like Humpty Dumpty, however, because no one was willing to put him back together again. :(

The Skittle snowman sound very art filled and fun. I would have liked to see that. Imagine seeing that while on hallucinogenics. Anyway, that's for another day.

Tony LaRocca said...

The abominable snow-blob!