Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Art of Relaxation

When it comes to laziness, Nigel has got to be King.

Nigel is the type of cat that will not move from the step he is laying on if you are coming up the stairs. You actually need to step over him. He is not a small cat, so he takes up the entire step. Although, he looks to have lost weight, he is probably still a good 14-15 pounds (down from 18).

In this picture, Nigel probably would not move if you went to the bedroom door and opened it. Instead, he would look up at you annoyed.

Some days, I wish I could just lay around and do nothing but look annoyed at the people around me.


steve said...

Lucky cat. Great shot of Nigel. I too wish I could do the same, at least for a couple of days a week. Anyhow, cats are cool--if I wasn't so allergic to 'em I might have one, though I'm more of a "dog person".

andrea said...

Heehee, love your door moldings.

HARDWAX said...

I have two male cats-sibleings and they are a good 17 lbs.-big dudes,
This photo is great. Cute, cute guy and, can see why Nigel doesen't move for anybody, he's big and he's beautifu.