Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Illustration Friday -- (Self) Portrait

From the moment I saw the topic, I knew that I wanted to do a self-portrait. I have not done one since high school. I took the picture of me from the family photo that Cathie posted on her site and did the head shot.

I did it in my 11x14 sketch book, so this is the digital photo versus a direct digital scan.


HARDWAX said...

I love this, great expression on your face, has a very in the moment happy feel to it. Your work is so good!

the painted pear said...

I can see it, the likeness...very good job. There is even a twinkle in your eye.

andea said...

Ha! Great job, I knew you would rock at this one. Great detail and it totally looks like you. This should be your new avatar.