Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Published Photo

Well, not much has happened since my last post.

We've been installing some new kitchen cabinets, waiting for new kitchen countertops, studying for my Cisco certification exam, getting ready for school to start, and got a photo published in an online travel guide.

WHAT! Did I just say that? Yup! I was contacted by Schmap Baltimore for a photo that I had on my Flickr photostream. It was taken at the Holocaust Memorial at the Inner Harbor. The direct link to the website where it is located is:

Hopefully, I'll be posting more frequently once things calm down here in the next month.


Lee said...

congratulations lou!!! it's a great shot...good luck with the cisco certification :)

Bob Carney said...

That's pretty cool. Congrats.

Andrea said...

Yeah, congrats Lou! I hope you do get time for more posting.

Lou said...

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the comments.