Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Photo Friday: Vacation

Edinboro Landscape
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We went to Edinboro, PA for a few days as part of our vacation. We dropped the boys off at Cathie's parents for about a week and a half. The boys loved the country and all the adventures they experienced with Granny and Poppa. While there, we were able to visit our all time favorite diner, Taki's. As well as get a ride on Cathie's dad's new Honda Goldwing trike. Cathie was also able to visit the Edinboro University book store and get some swag to wear. She loves her new Boro baseball cap.

While the boys were away and we were back in Maryland, Cathie and I had our hardwood floors refinished. We also got a chance to slip away to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC and many, many places to eat. Our last day allowed us to visit the Johns Hopkins book store to get some JHU things. All this in preparation of her finishing her Autism certificate in just 9 more classes. YEAH! Go Cathie!

If you get a chance, you must try The Melting Pot. The experience is awesome! From the Cheese fondue appetizer, to the salad, to the entree, and finally the chocolate fondue dessert, nothing was disappointing. It is our new favorite place to go and cannot wait for the next occasion to go back.

The boys came back today with Cathie's parents. So, we are all happy to be back together.


Cate said...

Ohhhhh, The Melting Pot . . . . I want to go back! xo

The Unknown said...

Cheesy. :-)