Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our Personal Frozen Tundra

This is our backyard. It is completely frozen solid. I spent over 15 minutes with a garden pick trying to chop the ice so we had a pathway to our cars. I never made it deep enough to reach our cement patio pad. I only made it about 3 inches deep and still have another 2 or 3 inches to go. I also only made it about 10 feet out of about 80 or so feet. Instead, I gave up and decided to take a few pictures of items around the yard frozen in place.

This is a Fisher Price bicycle that my boys parked near the swing set. As you can see, it is not going anywhere for a while.

This soccer ball was under the swing set. Now, it only peeks out of it snow prison waiting for spring to come and have someone play with it again.

Here is the bicycle from above as well as another bike.

Today, it reached 40 degrees. I thought a lot of the ice would melt. Unfortunately, next to nothing melted.


Anonymous said...

That is crazy! I hope you four are all cozied up in the house with good books and hot chocolate.

Lou said...

Yes. James and I ventured out to the library yesterday to get some new books and videos from the library. And then of course, they have their Leapster game systems to play when the books and videos get old. They have been cooped up in the house since Monday.

Glad to see you back around!

Lee said...

wow, that's incredible...hope the boys had fun, but I bet y'all are ready for the big melt!

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! Must be real cold, love the photos though!!