Friday, February 16, 2007

Frederick, Maryland on the Rocks

I finally decided to dig out my car yesterday since I had to go get rations for the family unit from the store. The first thing I noticed after our snow/sleet/freezing rain event was that my 180 lb. frame was not sinking in the "snow." Instead, I have a nice ice rink in my back yard. Feeling how hard the surface was, I knew I was in for a big task getting the car out at this point.

When I got to my car, I noticed that it had about 5 inches of an ice mixture stuck to it. Notice there are no foot indentations going to my door and the accumulation is up to my rims. The above picture was taken AFTER I walked around the car, "scraping" the ice off the roof, trunk, windows, and hood.

Now that the car was cleared off, it was now time to get it unstuck. I initially attempted to just put the car in gear and "rock" the car out of its resting place. This was a technique learned during the winters in Erie, PA. This was unsuccessful. Instead, it drew the attention of a neighbor kid who was willing to help. My first thought was that this kid would slip and fall on the ice as I was backing up. It turned out okay and there were no casualties.

Finally, after the neighbor kid and I dug out my front tires, I got the car moved. To my surprise, the car did not make deep tracks in the snow as I reversed out of my parking space. Instead, it drove ON TOP of the snow. My 1999 Honda Accord was sitting on the snow and not sinking in it. We were both amazed and had never seen such a sight. In my 20 some winters up north, I had never experienced anything of this nature. WOW!

This last picture just shows the tire resting on the snow with no indentations surrounding it.

I'm still in awe of this. Can you tell?

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Cygnus said...

From that storm I learned something important: An ice chipper doesn't work that well on the roof of your car. In fact, it works TOO well.

*examines scratches on car roof*