Sunday, February 04, 2007

Duck Colors

Duck -- Humphrey's Half Moon Inn
Originally uploaded by louhamilton23.

These ducks were so tame that you could walk right up to them. I was probably 18 inches or so from them when I took this picture.

I love the color of this male (drake), the green seems to change colors with the angle that you look at him.

The female (duck) has a nice brown color to her, as well. However, it just is not the same boldness as the drakes color.


Cate said...

The duck pictures are my favorite. That green is spectacular.

I like your pictures but I'm glad that you're back! xo

Lou said...

As beautiful as it was there, I'm so glad to be back, too.

Love you!

andrea said...

..."oh be kind to your web footed friends...cause a duck could be somebodys mother...."

I love that song. Great shot Lou! I love the crispness of the ducks against the blury background.
Nice job!

Tony LaRocca said...

"Everyone thinks there such sweet little things/ Ducks, ducks, quack quack, quack quack/ Soft downy feathers & nice little wings/ Ducks, ducks, quack quack, quack quack/ But there's a poison I'd like to administer/ You think they're cuddly but I think they're sinister..."

Cool ducks! The green one is striking.