Saturday, May 06, 2006

Illustration Friday -- Fat

I'll be honest. When I saw this week's theme, I was not inspired in the least. I was actually a little offended by the topic.

"Fat" is such an ugly word. The thought of becoming "fat" causes both young boys and girls to do abnormal things to themselves. They can either starve themselves, make themselves throw-up after they eat, or worse get addicted to diet pills. None of these are good for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

People also look at those who are overweight and immediately come to the assumption that they are lazy, uninspired, or just a below average individual. They never get a second glance. Or worse yet, they become the butt of a joke. This saddens me.

I tried to take a comical approach with this using a dog. This is how I feel after eating a large meal. Posted by Picasa


the painted pear said...

I completely agree with you this week regarding the word choice. It is an ugly word, it is a "bad" word in our house, and we have a few family members(aunts, uncles) that are very overweight so it really is a bad word. And besides, I don't want to think about fat, when I work so hard to not be (too) fat.

I like your approach, I feel that way too after a big meal. I want you to know that I submitted a word this week, it was FRECKLE. Now would that have inspired you?

andea said...

Oh god, please don't let them choose Freckle....hellloo? Well Lou would do well with that one, but not me.

Lou, I thought your ponch doggy was adorable and very nicely detailed. You did a great job on this and it was funny to boot!

verniciousknids said...

I like your could have taken it as "phat"?!

the painted pear said...

Listen Andrea, keep your ops to yourself, there is nothing wrong with the word freckle! Just put a dot on one of your paintings and your set...then paint over it after you post. There....what might you come up with anyway?

penelope said...

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Lee said...

I feel the same way about the topic word this week...not sure about it myself...your overeating pup, however, is something we have first hand experience with ;)....are we long lost brother and sister lou? ;)

HARDWAX said...

I love the name spot, he's a very big spot and looks like he's about to roll away to another spot, very funny piece.

I agree, fat is a very ugly word in this society-I suppose because everyone seems to be afraid of becoming fat and facing ridicule, it has become a very dirty three letter word.

Wee Cottage said...

Great illustration, it was a hard topic for me also.

Donna Reilly said...

I agree with you 100%. I never use the word, fat.

Tony LaRocca said...

People are fat because, second only to religion, it's one of the acceptable addictions in this country. The world is full of so much fear and uncertainty. Drugs are out, alcohol is out, smoking has become more evil than murder... what are you going to do for comfort except eat?

Hysterical picture, btw. He'll get skinny just floundering there.

Linda said...

ditto, this topic was tough concidering the word can be be so negative and hurtful. Love the doggie, wonderful details.

Twisselman said...

I also had a little difficulty coming up with something non-offensive for the word... 'fat of the land?' or something else?

Anyway, this illustration of the dog is perfect... I have a friend with a little chihuahua that is so round, she's like a little burrito on legs.

Also really like your 'under the c' illustration... I've re-seated five or six toilets, and every time the job has required much cursing and colorful language.

steve said...

I agree that it is an ugly word but I think it's agood one because it challenges us creative types to maybe think outside the box, like here for example. Good write-up and very funny drawing. that's How I feel sometimes too and the funny thing is, my parents' do just got into their trash and did the same thing--got sick for three days afterwards, the poor pooch.

Lou said...

Pear: Thanks. Freckle would have been better. There are a few things that popped in my head immediately. BTW, I submitted GELATIN.

Andrea: Ah, come on now. Freckle is not bad. How about a freckle on an arse? Thanks for the compliment.

Vern: Thanks. I thought about phat. I also thought of doing a Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle. In the end, I chose this one.

Lee: We just might be. We have two fat cats and one of our two dogs is overweight. Her nickname is "hoover" like the vacuum because if you even drop the smallest crumb, she devours it.

Hardwax: Spot is actually the name of one of our dogs. He is not overweight, however. He has started eating the food off the kitchen table if we happen to leave the room. So, depending on how often this happens and what we leave on the counter, this could become a reality.

Wee Cottage: Thanks for stopping by and leaving the compliment.

Donna Reilly: I try to never use the word either.

Tony: Interesting take on the psychological reasons for over eating. Addiction of any kind is dangerous to the body and sometimes others around you. Thanks.

Linda: I think that was part of the challenge of trying to come up with an illustration for a word like this. Glad you liked my interpretation.

Twisselman: This seemed to be more difficult than I had originally thought for many people this week. Glad to hear that I was not the only one.

That would be funny to see a chihuahua that round. And thanks also for the compliment of last week's toilet illustration.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and leaving your comments and compliments.

Lou said...

Steve: You snuck in there while I was writing my last response.

I agree that it does challenge us. The easy route would be the obvious. This week had many good instance of alternative ideas for this topic.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your compliment.

carla said...

He looks like a blowfish! This is a very apt illustration of that feeling one gets after eating too much...good job! And..good post!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

love your interpretation, as pet owners we want our guys to be healthy, it doesn't help when the neighbors sneak beef jerky through the fence.

Patrick said...

Cool cartoon- Sorry I have not visited your art blog before, guess I didnt realize you had one! This one made me laugh because I used to have a dog that looked just like that- man, that dog loved to eat! Well, so do I, but so far I haven't managed to render myself unwalkable... nice job! - And thanks for the many nice comments on my art, I really appreciate it!

Andrea said...

I agree with you...being a large gal I was a bit offended by the word choice as well. It's not a nice word.

I like your illo and willingness to share your interpretation and honesty!

Rectite23 said...

This is awesome...It reminds me of a cat my mom has...she looks like a basketball with toothpick legs. It is pretty sad some kids think they need to starve themselves to be accepted

Tony Sarrecchia said...

This was a tough word, but you handled it wonderfully. I acutally have a cat about that size.

The Unknown said...

Love the illo. It's phat!