Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 5-9-2006

Here are some of my superheroes, villians and aliens I doodled today. I liked the guy in the middle so much I just had to add color. Not sure where the bug listening to music came from. Maybe he is a superhero in training. Posted by Picasa


Theproofreader's friend said...

Couldn't see the pencil drawings in the background, they were very faint..did however see the guy you coloured in!!
He was great...please bring the others out or are their identities a secret?(ha ha)
Love all your work..and I will be back.

verniciousknids said...

The music bug is cool and what's the name of the superhero in training?

The Unknown said...

This makes me smile. Love it.

Lou said...

Friend: I figured out my problem. WHen I sketched them, I was using a 2H pencil. This is a very faint graphite. I usually do a final one-over with my 2B pencil. I forgot to with these last two. They are not too secret. They will be back.

Vern: Maybe he has a praying mantis type power. His head sort of resembles the shape of a praying mantis'.

Unknown: Glad to hear it made you smile.

Thanks for the comments.