Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doodle of the Day -- 5-2-2006

Since I'm under the weather, I'm going to post some work that I did not too long ago.

About a month and a half ago, I was approached by another blogger, Cubicle Reverend, about submitting some of my work to him in order for him to display it on his web site. Since then, it seems that he has taken a slight break from the blogging world.

I have not heard from him in a while and I'm not sure if he plans on doing any more "Gallery Showings," but I thought I would use them for today's doodles. If he does plan on using them in the future, then for those who visit him, you will have double the pleasure of seeing them.

The first is a colored pencil design of a tulip. It actually started out as a flower pot that we used to have. I say "used to" because I left it outside one winter and it cracked during the thawing process. The coloring of the flower came from an African Violet, which just happens to be one of Cathie's favorite flowers.

This next little guy is a mad scientist. Although he resembles Cubicles avatar, he just happened to look like the little monkey. I have since gone back and inked him and added color, but I like the original 2H pencil version best. And no, the mouse does not currently have a name. Any suggestions?
My last guy was taken from an infomercial that just happened to be on while I was doing some late night sketching. I cannot remember the product name, but I feel this is intended for the most lazy people ever (hope I do not offend anyone who has this product due to serious back problems). This was from the opening scenes where a person was having difficulties getting out of their chair. The product that they were selling was a chair that leaned forward so you would not have to move any muscles to get into a standing position.

I'll also let you in on a little secret. This had started out as another drawing before this commercial began. Can you see the fruit?
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andea said...

These are fantastic! I hadn't seen your figural drawings yet. Cracking up over the last one...yes, I see the fruit! Perhaps it's the artist though. HA HA HA, I crack myself up. Really though, they are so detailed and supurb.
...african violets huh, strangely fitting. She is a rare one.

the painted pear said...

Love the mad scientist, and yes he reminds me of the cubicle reverand...but he is also unique in himself.

The little fat guy, well, I guess I see an orange emerging from his belly, or two grapes for his flabby boobs. Otherwise, fruit didn't come to mind. Weight Watchers did. They are funny and great drawings. Keep em up...

I know you are having fun with the digital sketching, but the basic 2B graphite is fine with me. Don't forget about mother's day...it's coming and I will hunt you down if you don't take care of the wife.
Hey, you brought up the flowers.

Lou said...

Andrea: Thanks. Glad you liked them and maybe it is the artist. ;)

Anyway, Tulips are actually her all time favorite. I guess that's why they keep creeping into my drawings somewhere.

Pear: Glad you liked the mad scientist. He is my favorite of them.

As far as the fruit, his belly was going to be an orange, his breasts and face were going to be grapes and the chair, legs and feet were going to be a banana.

And yes, Mother's Day will be taken care of but thanks for the subtle, yet threatening, reminder. :)

Thanks as always for visting and leaving your comments!

Cate said...

You girls rock! Love ya both. Keep tellin' him the way it is! P.S. African Violets are NOT my favorite--don't know where he got this! Try Gerbera Daisies or Tulips! Jeez. xo

verniciousknids said...

How about "Nezu-kun" for the mouse? Nezumi is mouse in Japanese, kun is a term of endearment added to boy's names. Am I correct in assigning the male gender to this mouse?!

andea said...

Well what is it! Is she a rare, exotic violet or is she a loud, proud tulip...hmmmm, perhaps both.

Lou said...

Cate: I must have been hallucinating. You have me set straight now. Thanks.

Vern: Hai, Nezu-kun is a very good name. Thanks. I like that.

Andrea Yes. :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting.

Andrea said...

This reminds me...one time I was in a tattoo parlor, there was a fella in there with a belly like this. We was getting a giant pumpkin tattooed over the whole thing. I couldn't stop staring...and giggling!!