Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Something High, Something Low

Today, I saw two interesting things in my backyard. A blimp (something high) and a snake (something low).

This blimp was first seen by my wife, Cathie. She called in to me to come out and see it. The kids were already outside getting ready to play in their kiddie pool. We were all excited about this cool event.

I actually saw this guy earlier while getting the kiddie pool filled. He was in our garden hanging out in the sun on the warm dirt. I felt lucky that he allowed me to get so close to take his picture. I was only able to get four shots before he had enough and took off into our neighbors yard. He sure was beautiful.


Andreas said...

Hey cool,
can you say where (geographically/on earth) you saw the blimp?
If you really like airships and are interested in them, check out our blog at we always report about news from the airship industry, events happening all over the world and new developments.

Regards Andreas

Lou said...

Thanks for stopping by. I saw it in Frederick, Maryland.

Lee said...

yay snakes, (knock on wood) we've never seen one in the yard and live so close to a river it's a little suprising...hope I haven't talked one up ;)

glad you stopped by the other day, I didn't realize you'd fallen off my feed reader - the new template looks good..very gotham!

steve said...

Both awesome pics Lou. We spend most of the time looking straight ahead, not noticing what's above or below us. I think photography forces us to look around much more. Take care!

Tony LaRocca said...

You need one of them new-fangled snake blimps- just fill your snake with helium!