Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Desktop Wallpaper

I haven't been doing much lately besides work and studying. Well, that's not entirely true. We had James' birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with Cathie's parents and some friends from school. They had a blast and really enjoyed meeting Chuck E. Cheese.

I also created this desktop wallpaper from a photo I took during our trip to the Baltimore National Aquarium in March. Since the screen on my laptop is 1920x1200, the original is that size. I submitted it to InterfaceLIFT, a website who posts widescreen high resolution wallpapers and it was accepted. They have it offered for dowload in other screen sizes as well.

I'm off to finishing the kids breakfast and waiting for my new software, Adobe Lightroom. I REALLY liked the beta and 30-day trial, so I'm excited. More to come on that once I have it installed and have played a little more with it.


The Proofreader said...

Great pic..what does the wallpaper deal mean.....will you be paid???
I loved the turtle, bet your wee boys did too.

Tony LaRocca said...

Happy birthday, James! Cool turtle.

Big A said...

that is a great pic! such an interesting looking fella. cheers lou!

Lou said...

Thanks, guys!

Unfortunately, no money for this one.

James had a great birthday. thanks for the wishes.

He was an awesome specimen to watch.