Sunday, February 12, 2006

Illustration Friday -- Simple

So, with Sharpies in hand, I chose my design for this week's Illustration Friday -- Simple.

I think I nailed it! Posted by Picasa


Cate said...

A simple yet complicated little fellow. Simple because of the dunce cap (i.e. not bright?) or simple in form (because of the stick limbs?). Whatever the reason, I agree--you nailed it! Love it (but wanting more frequent updates!). Bring it!

HARDWAX said...

you may have gone even beyond simple with this-beautiful

The Proofreader's friend said...

I think I know that guy with the dunce the way is that a spider on his toe or is his lace undone???
Forgive me...I'm just old and going blind!!!!

Lou said...


Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you got the multiple meaning of "simple" in my drawing. Hopefully, I will get more art up soon.


Hmmm... Beyond simple... I like that. Thanks for stopping by.


Must be the same person I know! ;) Anyway, that's no spider, just my chicken-scratch signature -- LH06.

Mac said...

I think I like the man's crown. I like his toes and the bold colors. I really like his dance pose.

Joe said...

Love it! good Ill. have a good week!

Lou said...


Glad to hear you like the pose! He's a dancer just like you!;)


Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your entry as well.